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First Aid Kits

Foldable Wheel Chair


  • Helps to move the disabled person in case of Medical Emergency.
  • Foldable, Lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Fine & durable upholstery
  • Heavy duty construction, rear wheel locks with leg rest.

Waterjel Burn Dressing For Facial Burns – 12? X 16?(1 Case – 5 Nos.)


  • Water-Jel Burn Dressings provide fast, one-step relief for emergency first aid in case of burn
  • The dressing stops burn progression and cools the skin, relieves pain and protects against airborne contamination.
  • Water-Jel Burn Dressings are made with a scientifically formulated cooling gel and utilize medical-grade nonwoven pads.
  • They are non-adherent so they will not stick to burn injuries.
  • The dressings are soaked in a water-based / water-soluble, bacteriostatic and biodegradable gel and sterilized to ensure a contamination-free atmosphere for emergency treatment of burns.



  • Emergency Oxygen Supplement for victims of suffocation in First Aid.
  • Provides supplemental oxygen as an inhalator for breathing victims.
  • CPR resuscitator adjunct for a non-breathing victim.
  • Simple and easy to use, with external Two-step Instructions and Clear Cover.
  • Wall Mounted for Recognition and Accessibility, always available on display
  • Easily Portable with Convenient Handle
  • Simple "On-Off" Control Lever Constant Reading Supply Gauge
  • 90 Minute Supply* Resuscitation LlFE® CPR mask with One-Way Valve Fits both Adult and Child.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)


  • Easy (1-2-3) steps mentioned on the product in an emergency
  • Light weight, easy to carry case.
  • Defibrillator is powered by an easy to install, long-life (four-year) battery
  • The device self checks automatically daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Self-tests check the pads readiness, and verify functionality and calibration of circuits and systems.
  • Life saving device in case of cardiac arrest

Artificial Resuscitator


  • Life saving first aid equipment
  • Arranged to connect oxygen supply in case of emergency.
  • Easy to use by hand
  • In replacement of traditional system i.e. mouth to mouth to victims in case of suffocation.
  • Used in case of suffocation caused by electric shock, heart problem etc.



  • Powder coated metal wardrobe First Aid station with specified Medical contents & equipments.
  • Strong & durable Station
  • Two Door with lock
  • Different size shelves to accommodate equipments
  • Provides variety of First Aid in various situations